Best wedding photo booth props for funny guest pictures

Want your photo booth to produce hilarious snapshots at your wedding? Load it up with fun props! Outfitting your booth with outrageous and playful props encourages guests to get silly and creative when posing for pictures. What’s the result? A collection of funny, memorable photos you’ll cherish for years to come.

Oversize props

Big, wacky oversized props always lead to hilarious shots because they look so absurd. Some stellar overdone options include:

  • Oversized silly glasses – Go for ones with crazy patterns or lenses, like stars or swirls. 
  • Giant hats – There will be top hats, cowboy hats, berets, fedoras, or fascinators perched on the heads of your guests.
  • Huge masks – Masks with outrageous expressions or features like big ears always prompt giggles.
  • Big ties or bow ties – Tie them around their necks for instant humor.

The exaggerated size of these props makes people look cartoonish and guarantees big laughs. Let your guests’ creativity run wild!

Mustaches and disguises

It’s time for guests to embrace their silly side by wearing fake facial hair and wigs!

  • Silly mustaches, beards, and sideburns in every color
  • Wigs with mullets, mohawks, and afros
  • Fake nose and eyeglasses disguises
  • Temporary hair dye and color spray

Costume props

Simple costume pieces that make your guests look like someone or something else are comedic gold. Try these on for size:

  • Wigs – Wacky-colored, spiked, long, or curly wigs bring out their silliest side.
  • Fake mustaches and beards – Instant disguise for some silly shots!
  • Tutus and boas – Pretty, feathery, and funny.
  • Masks – Superheroes, animals, or disguises are always a hit.

Creating a character for your guests will encourage them to stick around. Supplying an array of costume props fuels their creativity and humor.

Silly signs 

Another way to inject humor into photo booth pics is with customized signs or speech bubbles. Some playful sayings could include:

  • The cheesy lines, “I’m going to marry my best friend!” or “Can’t wait for tacos and tequila!”
  • Funny threats to the groom like “Be good to her or else!”
  • Creative hashtags for your wedding like #MikeandRobinTieTheKnot or #HappilyEverHammond

When guests hold up signs with quirky sayings specific to you as a couple, the photos become more personalized and amusing. Your photo booth props should reflect your wedding style and sense of humor as a couple. Supply a mix of overdone items, costumes, and customized signs to ensure your guest pics end up creative, fun, and full of laughs. Those photos will be cherished memories you’ll laugh over for a lifetime. See more info at

Get creative with your theme

Customize the hilarity of your props with your wedding theme. A beach theme? Go for leis, tropical shirts, and glittery sunglasses. For a rustic barn wedding, add cowboy hats and bandanas. The possibilities are endless!

With the right mix of whimsical, wacky, and outrageous props, your photo booth will snap some of the funniest, silliest guest pictures. Those pictures will become treasured memories and give you laughter and joy every time look back on your amazing wedding celebration.