Keeping Your Engagement Ring Beautiful

Your stunning engagement ring is evidence that you were popped the question. Making excellent jewelry is doable, but it takes more time and work than you might think. The most expensive and important piece of jewelry a woman will ever own is her engagement ring. If you intend to wear it regularly, it makes sense. But occasionally it makes sense to remove your ring. When the ring is taken off, the metal and stone are still intact.

When using severe chemicals, for instance, engagement rings should be removed. Swimming, housekeeping, and even having a shower are included because some body washes could be hazardous. Remove your ring before going to bed as another wise decision. While some people think you should always sleep with it on, there are a number of negative aspects. In addition to pulling hair and catching on pillows and other items, it gradually accumulates sweat and grease.

Your ring is important to you and should be handled with care. To keep it secure, think about purchasing a plate, a tray, a jewelry box with cloth inside, or even a miniature pillow. You can buy a ton of storage options to keep your ring safe. Place one option in your bedroom and another in the kitchen as a reminder to remove it before using cleaning supplies.

What should you do with the ring while cleaning your hands? If you’re using a light soap, it should be okay to leave the ring on while washing. Actually, all you should need to clean at home is a little dish soap and warm water. Look for any hand sanitizer residue on the ring. Because of the chemicals in some antibacterial soaps and hand sanitizers, the ring may over time grow dull and discolored. Your setting’s prongs could become loose as a result of the sanitizer, allowing the stone to slip out.

Our second and most important piece of advise is to regularly check and adjust the prongs, which leads us to our first point. Make sure to carefully examine the ring to see if its condition has changed when cleaning it or before a big night out. You could take it to a jeweler for a professional inspection if you have any concerns. A yearly “prong check” is something that some companies offer for free or for very little money. Have your stunning engagement ring professionally cleaned while you’re at the jeweler to keep it at its best.

If you stick to a maintenance plan, your treasured property will live longer. The following resource contains additional maintenance recommendations as well as a comprehensive cleaning instructions.