About This Project

The Urban Wedding took place through the charming streets of Shoreditch (London), as their protagonists of this story didn’t want to conform to traditions. However, this didn’t take away that they still dreaming about their day, in their own way and faithful to their personality. “The Urban Wedding” wants to be natural, offbeat, authentic and sophisticated, in the eclectic and trendy neighborhood such is Shoreditch. Their outfits and how they proclaim their love are some of the details that make this editorial unique and special.

The Urban Wedding talks about love in their essence, without any protocol, with its own rules and ways to declare your love. Just be yourself and don’t think of what is surrounding you, because the most important thing is invisible to your eyes, your love. Ready for a walk?


Photography and videography: Older Garcia

Dress: Otaduy

Flowers: The Wild Fox

Bowtie: Le Colonel Moutarde

Headpieces: Ann-Marie Faulkner

Hair & Make Up Artists: Nadia & Zara at Portraits Bridal

Design and organization: The Wedding Dreamer