Model | Natalia khodzinskaya

Decoration and coordination | The Wedding Dreamer

About This Project

“Flowers by the sea” is the title that reflected perfectly everything we wanted to capture, Beatriz Natmar’s flowers as the leitmotiv, the sea as inspiration and the Marsala color as the main color. We wanted to show how flowers could be the perfect look for a wedding by the sea. As Beatriz said: “We wanted that the Marsala, an autumn color, could be worn with a fresh and young touch but also romantic and delicate by brides”.

The main ideas were the crashing waves, the scent of the sea, and a simple, natural and happy bride in the distance. We also imagined a simple altar by the sea, a beautiful table that invites you to enjoy the moment, the menu as a table mat, some handmade sweets, and the flowers as the protagonists of our decoration.

[ Eli ]