Photos by El Apartamento

Elisenda Berti

builder engineer , wedding planner and dream designer

Welcome to The Wedding Dreamer! Take a sit and feel like home, Do you want a coffee?

I’m Elisenda, but I prefer you to call me Eli. After some years working with some projects and also as a site manager in some of them too, I built my own destiny. I don’t remember when it all started, but now I feel that I am where I should be. I really think that having a good team is essential, and I would say that I’ve got the best “dreamteam” ever. We are a team of engineers and interior designers, and all together we will make your day amazing.

I really like to be updated with the latest trends and be inspired by other sectors so then I can adapt everything to my project. The moodboard is my main tool. It helps me to present the suggestions to you and it helps us to see more clearly what the “look and feel” of the wedding will be.

I’m a dreamer and a curious person. I am also perfectionist and even though I like observing the little things, I am a little bit restless. I love learning about everything and from everybody, I love people who make me laugh and connecting with them. I also like the irony as the best weapon to laugh at yourself, the sunsets with a beer in hand, enjoying the mountain, the value of the little things, the scent of burned firewood, (mmm, scent of a village, I would say), travelling, knowing and learning new things, listening to the crashing waves while you are reading a good book, the blanket in winter, the decoration, photography, the design and the architecture…

This is a little bit of me, so now what about you?

It’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting

Paulo Cohelo.